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White Sage






August, 2016
We are back!!
We are working on obtaining more fresh inventory and are ready for business again.

We have been getting request for whole chaliponga leaves rather than the powdered leaf we carried for years. Now we carry the whole leaves instead of the powder. Thanks for the feedback and request.

Meet your customer service manager 817-726-7525

Remember that we have full pounds of salvia and mimosa and those prices have been reduced as well.

"No Excuse Total Guarantee"

From this point forward and back you get Seekershop's 100% total guarantee. You read right! This is retroactive to even the previous owner customers.
Just what do we offer in this guarantee?
We guarantee that:

  • You will get your order on time or be notified promptly of a delay.
  • You will get your product as ordered or you keep the item sent and we resend the order.
  • You will be satisfied with your product.
    If you are not. I want to know. Email me at

IF you feel that you are entitled to this guarantee and have reasonable proof.
We will issue a credit equal to your purchase to be applied toward anything on the site.

(Live plants are not included)


Ethnobotanical Products

We will only offer the best products from the most ethical sources. We will not offer goods simply to fill a need if the product is substandard or from a questionable source. Our ethnobotanical products are all cultivated unless we state otherwise. Nothing is poached from our precious rainforests or commercially harvested on deforested lands.

We are located in the Texas in the United States and are proud to be able to provide our fellow citizens with customs free, FAST service. All domestic orders are sent via Standared Shipping or if added to your order USPS Priority Mail and should be received within 3 days of order processing.We also welcome foreign orders, and use USPS Global Priority Mail as our primary international delivery method.

No ethnobotanical goods will be furnished to anyone under the age of 18.

We ask a few simple things in return. Please use Seeker Shop products conscientiously and legally. Our community can only thrive if we all adhere to these principles. Additionally we ask that you recycle our packaging materials. Unfortunately some plastic is required to maintain product freshness or ensure safe delivery.

Lastly, please spread the good word about Seeker Shop. No advertisement can be greater than your endorsement. As business increases our prices will be reduced.

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Your feedback is important in our growth. If you have any suggestions or
comments we welcome them at
or you may call us (817) 726-7525

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